Ordercup now has the ability to have multiple users within an account. When you create an account with Ordercup, the system will auto-generate the first user with the same login/pw used during signup generate.

Maintain Users

You can manage the users for your Account under Settings --> Account --> Users. 

1. To Create a New User:

  a. Click on 'New'  button.

  b. Fill in the User attributes on the Form

  • Username': Must be 6 characters or more in length (and unique within OrderCup)
  • Admin Privilege: The privilege level for the user  (Administrative user if checked, or Regular user if not). 
    An Admin user has access to all functions in OrderCup, whereas a Regular user is limited to shipping functions,
  • Password: Must be 6 characters or more in length.
  • First, Middle, Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email

  c. Click 'Create' to create the new user.

2. Edit an existing user.

  a. Select only one a user grid by  marking checkbox as checked.

  b. Click the 'Edit' button at top of the screen.

  c. Change any of the user attributes as needed on the Form.

  d. Click Save.

3. Delete an existing user.

  a. Select a user from the user grid.

  b. Click the Delete button

  c. Click on on the confirm box.

4. View a user

  a. Click on Settings  --> Account --> Users.

  b. Select the user from the users grid - this displays the user's details. 

User Privileges

1. User Privileges

  a. Administrator user privilege will give a user full visibility of Ordercup, including the ability to read, write and manage all tabs, menus, settings, reports

  b. Regular user privilege will only get a limited visibility, ie. only read access to certain portions of Ordercup like shipping accounts, payment          information, etc. account related information like financial reports, accounts are under Account section, read only.     

  c. Affiliate users can only ship.