If you ship heavy or dense items, OrderCup will automatically get you lower Priority Mail rates utilizing Cubic Pricing, where the package is rated based on volume rather than weight and zone. Normally, Cubic pricing is a special tier that USPS has created for high volume shippers (more than 50,000 packages a year).  However, OrderCup is able to offer Cubic pricing for all our users, irrespective of your volume. While the level of discount may not be what high volume shippers get, you will still get substantial savings whenever Cubic pricing kicks in.

How to ensure that you are getting Cubic Pricing whenever possible:

  • When shipping, simply enure that you are entering package dimensions for your packages
  • Whenever a Priority Mail shipment qualifies for Cubic pricing, OrderCup will automatically process the shipment to generate a PM Cubic label, and you will be charged the lower Cubic price.
  • There's all there is to it!

Example of Savings:

The level of discount that PM Cubic pricing gets you over regular PM pricing (weight and zone based) will vary based upon many factors. However, as an example, a 5 Lb Priority Mail package to Zone 8 with Dimensions of 5" x 5" x 4" with regular PM would cost $19.22. However, with OrderCup's automated PM Cubic pricing, the very same package will cost $7.99, which is a savings of over 58%!