This article  describes the steps for creating multi-box shipments in OrderCup. 

OrderCup allows you to ship your order in one or multiple boxes (also referred to as a multi-piece shipment or a multi-package shipment). This article describes how to ship your order in multiple boxes. 

From the Orders page, click the Ship button for the order you want to ship..

The order will load on the Ship page. Follow the steps below to indicate that this is a Multi-box shipment.

  1. Select the service, package type weight and dimensions  and options as needed.
  2. Then select the Multi-box checkbox to indicate this is a multi-box shipment. 
  3. If the number of boxes is not known up front,  leave the number of boxes set to 1, OR
  4. If the number of boxes is known up front, and this is supported by the carrier, then enter the number of boxes in the No of boxes field.

If you completed Step 3 above [left the No  of boxes set to 1], after you Print the label, you will get a shipment confirmation popup with multiple buttons:

  • Yes, Update <cart> and close order
  • Yes, Update <cart>
  • Yes,  Update <cart> and Ship another package
  • Void label

if you wish to print another package click the third button,  that will  return you to the Ship Page and allow you to generate another package.

If you completed Step 4 above (for carriers that support true multi-box shipments), you can specify the number of boxes up front. When you enter a value greater than 1 box, the Specify button will appear. Click the Specify button and fill in the values for each of the boxes in the shipment and click OK.

Now when you click Print Label, it will generate multiple labels at one time - one fo each of your boxes.specified The Shipment Confirmation will appear, (without the option to Ship another package), and you can select the appropriate