If your Volusion orders are not synching, and you receive the following error message: 

 "Your store is not being updated, the Edi Url may be outdated. Click here to resolve." 

That means orders are not flowing into OrderCup, most likely for one of the following reasons:
  1. The password for accessing your Volusion store has changed  OR
  2. You added a new "Custom Field" in your Volusion store 

Volusion Admin password changed

If your Volusion Admin password has changed, then your EDI URL has changed and here's how to resolve it:

In your Volusion Admin:

  1. Login to your Volusion Dashboard for that particular store
  2. Click Inventory --> Import/Export --> Volusion API
  3. Click the Run button next to "Generic\Orders"
  4. Check the checkbox on the row that has the * (All columns)
  5. Click the Run button at the top of the screen
  6. A text field appears next to the Run button with the sample EDI URL you need. 
  7. Copy the entire URL inside that field (careful, the URL is long...get all of it)

In OrderCup:

  1. Now log in to OrderCup, and go to the Settings Tab, then click the Store Details link under the STORES section
  2. Select your Volusion store from the Store drop-down (if not already selected)
  3. Look for the field entitled, "Sample Volusion EDI URL"
  4. Paste the entire URL into that text field
  5. Click the Save button
  6. Done. Your orders should start flowing into OrderCup again.


If you orders still do not get fetched in OrderCup (after following the steps above) you may need to reset the last orders export from the Volusion API --> Run Generic Orders page. Select the last date and time from the Reset Generic Orders drop-down on this page, and if the orders in the export are the orders that are not being fetched, click the Reset Export link and then do click the Fetch Orders button in OrderCup again. 

Custom field added

If you added a custom field in Volusion for your Orders or Customers, here is how to resolve it:

In your Volusion Admin:

  1. Access your Volusion store using any popular FTP client (such as Filezilla or File Commander). For details on how to setup and access your Volusion store via FTP, Get Help on 'FTP' in the Volusion Admin
  2. FTP into your site by entering ftp://<yourdomain>, your username and password  where 
    <yourdomain> should be replaced with your domain URL, like abc.com or xxx.net, etc.
    username is the FTP username for your Volusion store
    password is the FTP password for your Volusion store
  3. Go into the directory vspfiles/schema/generic
  4. Delete the appropriate XSD file (orders.xsd OR customers.xsd) depending on whether your custom field is in orders or customers
  5. After you exit, Volusion will automatically generate a new file with that same name
  6. Done. Your orders should start flowing into OrderCup again