OrderCup provides you two choices to set up USPS Shipping. You can either use OrderCup's USPS account or you can create/link your own re-seller Endicia account. Both the choices are described in detail below.

Use OrderCup USPS Account:

In this option, OrderCup generates USPS shipping labels with discounted postage without forcing you to create, maintain and pay for an additional account with a postage provider such as Stamps.com, Endicia, or Pitney Bowes. You maintain your postage account within OrderCup, and we integrate directly with USPS through approved third party web services to print labels. You can print, re-print, void, insure, etc., all within OrderCup. 

  1. Click Settings --> Payment methods --> Credit Card.
  2. Enter your credit card info. (Be sure to enter every field exactly as in your credit card account, or you will fail the credit check! OrderCup does deep authentication to protect you.) Click the “Save” button, which begins the authentication process in the background.
  3. If you entered your credit card info correctly, you will see "Verify Info" screen. Don’t enter anything on "Verify Info" screen yet
  4. Log on to your online credit card account or call your credit card company, and check for a small and temporary ‘charge’, also called a ‘pending authorization’, that OrderCup just charged to that credit card.
  5. For non-US credit cards, skip the next two steps and go directly to Step 8. All others, continue on to Step 6.
  6. Go back to that popup dialog box in OrderCup, and enter that charge amount in cents, as shown in the screenshot below.  So for example, if the charge was $4.95, simply enter 495 (Or say it was $2.00, enter 200). If you don’t see the Verified Amount any more, you can get  



Once you have entered the amount in the format described above, click the “Verify Now” button.

7.When the verification goes through, stay on the Settings --> Payment Methods page, and towards the bottom, under the section, ‘Use for’, select “USPS account”. Click the “Next/Save” button at the bottom. (If you wish, at this point you can also check the box for “Usage Billing”; to avoid service disruption after your trial period. We will charge it only if your account is active after your trial period.  You can close your account any time, by going to Settings --> Account -->  Profile --> Close my account)

8.[Note: If your credit card is not getting verified for any reason, or if you have a non-US credit card, we will need to do a “Manual Verification”. In that case, please create a help ticket (by clicking on the ‘Support’ link on the top right) and include your full name, direct phone number, best time to reach you, your city, and your time zone. We will contact you for a manual verification.]

9.Next, go to Settings --> Master Shipping Account. You can see that your postage account is now created, something like MSA-000999-5786.

10.Go Settings --> Master Shipping Account, select "USPS" under "Sub Accounts" and click Save.

Create/Link your own re-seller Endicia Account:

You can go for this option if you are offered better discounts by the re seller than available in OrderCup account. You are billed directly in your Endicia Account and OrderCup automates postage purchase via the Replenishment settings.

Here you have two options. You can either register for a new Endicia Account or if you already have one you can just link it in OrderCup. Note that in both the options the Endicia account must be a re-seller Endicia Account.

Create New Account:

  1. Go to Settings --> Carriers --> USPS
  2. Select My USPS Account under Account To Use
  3. Make sure the Create New Account option is selected
  4. Fill in the complete details and click Create Account button at the bottom
  5. Once the account is created, you need to reset the pass phrase at least once before you can print label                                                                                  

Remove clutter and only display the USPS services you use:

In Settings --> USPS, click on the link, ‘Configure shipping services enabled while shipping’.  Check only those USPS services that you normally use, and click ‘Save’. That way, when you are actually shipping, your shipping person only sees those USPS services that you typically want to use.

Now you are ready to print USPS labels!