To set up your FedEx Account in OrderCup:
  1. Click Settings --> Carriers --> FedEx

  2. Enter your FedEx Account Number and your Fedex Meter Number**                                                                                                                                           

3. Click on Save button at the bottom.


1)  If you do not have a FedEx Meter Number, there are two ways to get it:

Recommended method: Contact FedEx or your FedEx account rep, and ask them to provide you your FedEx Meter Number.

Or, the do-it-yourself method: You can generate your Meter Number using the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your Account
  3. Hover over Learn, then click on Developer Resource Center
  4. Click FedEx Wb Services, then Move to Production
  5. Click the Get Production Key button under the Move to Production Tab
  6. Fill out the forms for Register for FedEx Web Services Production Access

At the end of the process you will receive a FedEx Meter Number along with FedEx Production Credentials.


2)  You need to enter the FedEx HubID field ONLY if you ship using  FedEx SmartPost (you have to be approved by FedEx to ship with FedEx Smartpost).

Label Setup

If you are using a thermal printer, you can also set up the label type (No DocTab, Leading DocTab or Trailing DocTab), and the DocTab location (Top or Bottom).

Customs Form

If you ship internationally, you can also setup your Customs Form by clicking on the Configure FedEx Customs Form link.

After  redirecting to fedex customs from  page , fill  all required information and click on save button

If your FedEx account is enabled for Electronic trade Document Shipping, then  from Fedex Customs forms page Signer section please upload LETTER HEAD and SiGNATURE image and clcik on sae sae button.