This typically happens when the Yahoo-OrderCup connection has broken due to what Yahoo calls “Expiration of Partner Token”, which means that you need to re-authorize OrderCup in your Yahoo store. (Yahoo calls it a “Token”, and OrderCup calls it an “Api Key”)

Here are the steps:
  1. Log into your Yahoo Store Manager
  2. Under the section “Order Settings”, click on “Real-Time Links”, then to “API Settings”
  3. Select the Row corresponding to OrderCup and edit it to change the Expiration Date, and save. (If you cannot change the expiration date, click on “Add a New Partner, and in the popup box, enter that same Partner ID for OrderCup, which is ypa-002439419622 and proceed)
  4. Once you have set a new expiration date, check your inbox for an email from Yahoo that contains a new Token (it’s a string of characters, about a small paragraph length).  NOTE:  If you don’t see that email, be sure to check your Spam folder!
  5. Copy that Token (make sure you get all the characters, no more and no less) and paste it in your OrderCup, here:
  6. goto settings, stores, details→ (paste it into the “Api Key” field).  

  1. Click the Save button

You’re done, and your Yahoo orders will start flowing in again.