You can ship a shipment from OrderCup by using the services from various carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL & Canada Post.

To ship a shipment load the Order Ship page with the desired order. You can load the order in the following two ways:

1. Go to Orders Icon. Click the Ship link under the Action column of the Orders grid.

The Order is now loaded with the options (like Service, shipment Type) set based on your Requested Ship Method. You can change each of the options as required for your shipment.

Selecting the Service

Click on the drop down against the Service: label.

You see a list of services that are applicable to the current source & destination of the shipment based on the carriers that you have configured & the corresponding shipping services that you have enabled for each of the carriers.

For example you can enable Shipping services for Canada Post from Settings --> Canada Post --> Configure Shipping Services enabled while shipping

Similarly select the required shipment type/shipment box from the drop down corresponding to label shipment Type.

Once you are done with setting the required options you can click Get Cost button to know the shipping charge for the shipment.

If you have a printer configured in OrderCup (Settings --> Printers) you will see a Print Label button otherwise a Print PDF button is available.

Print Label generates the label and sends it for printing to the configured printer.

Print PDF generates a PDF label and displays within the OrderCup page. Kindly note that you need to have the required PDF browser plugin install in order to view the PDF within OrderCup. If you do not have the required plugin installed in your browser, OrderCup just downloads the PDF label file which you need to save & print.

Generating Label/Communicating with the Carrier

Shipment Confirmation Dialog

PDF Label with Shipment Confirmation Dialog

Once label is created, details of shipment will be shown in shipment grid.