OrderCup supports the ability to partially ship an order. A partial shipment is one where not all the items in the order are shipped (so in order to partially ship an order it must have more than one line item, i.e it must be a multi-line item order).

In order to partially ship an order, follow the steps below:

1) On the Orders Tab, click Ship on the order.

Hint:  You can look for it under the Active orders filter, or search for it by order # using the Search box at the top

2) On the Ship Tab, select only then items you want to ship in the items grid at the bottom of the page

3) Set all the other ship field values as required, and generate the label normally (click the Print Label button).

4) When you get the Shipment confirmation pop-up, just select the 'Yes, update <cart>' button. The order will be marked as Processing status in OrderCup and will not be closed on the shopping cart.

(Note: Do not select the 'Yes, update <cart> and Close Order' button). 

You can repeat the above process as many times as needed to create additional partial shipments. When you create the final partial shipment (to ship all remaining items), just select 'Update <cart> and Close Order' on the Shipment confirmation pop-up. This will make the order as Shipped in OrderCup and close out the order on the shopping cart.