OrderCup provides two variants of Invoices that you can generate: Regular & Gift (without the price information). 

If your on the appropriate plan, you can customize the standard Invoice template provided by OrderCup from Settings --> Templates --> Invoice.

OrderCup allows you to generate invoices for your orders based on following criteria:

1. Date Range of orders

2. Order ID range of orders

3. Active orders

To print invoices based on any of the above criteria, got to Orders --> More --> Print Invoices.


  1. Select the Date Range or provide the Order ID range or simply print Active Invoices i.e. invoices for orders that are New or Processing state.
  2. Clicking Print prints Regular invoices while clicking Print Without Pricing prints Gift invoices.
  3. Selecting Print only Invoices that have not yet printed prints only those invoices that have never been printed, while selecting Print All Invoices (including invoices printed earlier) prints invoices whether or not they were printed earlier.
  4. Whenever an invoice is printed the corresponding order is marked as Invoice Printed so that you can avoid printing the same invoice again. You can however print an invoice as many times as required. 

You can also generate invoice for any order by simply selecting the order from the Orders tab and clicking Print Invoice --> Regular or Print Invoice --> Gift

You can tell if an invoice has been printed for an order from the Invoice Printed? column on the Orders grid.