Update Cart

After generating and printing a shipping label in OrderCup, you get a Shipment Confirmation pop-up that provides you several choices to update your cart order(s) with shipping information, trigger an email to your buyer with the tracking information and change the status of the order in OrderCup and the cart appropriately.

The multiple choices provided on the Shipment Confirmation pop-up are:

1) Yes, update <cart> and close order

2) Yes, update <cart> and ship another package (for this order)

3) Yes, update <cart>

4) No, void the label and start over

5) Do nothing (implicitly) by clicking the X on the Shipment Confirmation pop-up and closing it.

Each of these options are self-explanatory it terms of what actions it performs. "Update <cart>" will update the shipment information (carrier, service, tracking #, shipping cost) on the cart, and trigger a tracking email to the buyer. "Close Order" will mark the status of the order on OrderCup and the cart to the appropriate status (closed OR shipped OR archived, etc.). Voiding the label with remove the shipment information and change the status of the order to New (if possible).

Bulk Update Cart (for Amazon)

With Amazon, there is a limit on the number of requests that OrderCup (or any application) can make on your behalf within a time period (i.e the rate of requests made), and if this if this threshold is exceeded, further requests they will be throttled. To prevent requests from getting throttled, OrderCup has implemented a Bulk Update Cart capability on the Packages tab that allows your to do your order updates in bulk a few times a day. The Bulk Update Cart feature updates the shipping information for all orders for the selected date that have not already been updated. To use this feature:

1) After you generate a label and print it, X out of the Shipment Confirmation pop-up (i.e select Option 5 - close the pop-up and do nothing).

2) Form the Packages Tab, click the Bulk Update Cart button

3) Select the date for which you want to perform the Bulk Update (default today)

4) Click the Submit button

That's all there is to it! The information for all packages for the selected date that have not been updated on Amazon will be submitted as a bulk update request. The Cart Update column in the Packages tab will be updated to reflect this status. You can perform the Bulk Update Cart for any day going back up to a week.