In OrderCup, you can add an Add-on Pack of users any Plan. This may make sense (instead of upgrading to higher plans) if the other parameters of a specified Plan meet your needs, The following Add-on User Packs are currently available:

  • 1   User Pack for $10 / month
  • 2   User Pack for $15 / month'
  • 5   User Pack for $25 / month'
  • 20 User Pack for $100 / month

To add a User Pack, follow the steps below:

1) Go to the Settings -> Account -> Billing page. 

2) Select the Add-on Pack you want to add from the Add-on Pack drop-down. 

3) Click OK on the confirmation pop-up

Based on the selected Add-on User Pack, the maximum number users allowed for your Account will be increased. To make changes to the selected Add-on User Pack, simply select either 'None' in order to remove the added User Pack, or any other selection in order to upgrade/downgrade your Add-on User Pack, and all charges will be prorated for the current billing period.