Item weights are some times not returned by the shopping cart and shopping carts like Amazon never return weights with order. OrderCup provides the ability to build a product table & weights from the product table will be used to override the item weight values when the item weight is zero (0.0)

The Product table is constructed within OrderCup, based on SKUs of line items of the orders fetched. In general we do not fetch the Products from the shopping cart other than for Amazon.  For Amazon, since Amazon never returns item weight along with the order, products are fetched from cart and the product table is built when the orders are fetched. Note that for Amazon the weight fetched is the weight of the product without the packaging.

Using product weights for items

You can enable this feature from Settings --> Products. Check the option "Use Product Weights table for Items" and click Save. This will add a new tab titled 'Products', which lists the products in a grid. To build product table from the current set of orders, just click the "Import Products" link. This will initiate a background job to build product table and may take a few minutes.

Editing Product Weight

You can edit weight of a product from the Products tab by double-clicking the weight cell. Enter the weight value and its done. This weight will now

override the item weight values (based on the SKU) when the item weight is zero (0.0).