OrderCup supports two forms of of Pick Tickets that can be generated - a Master Pick Ticket or a Pick Ticket by Order

A Master Pick Ticket (for a set of orders) lists all the SKUs for those orders with quantity for each order. 

A Pick Ticket by Order lists the SKUs for that order, creating a separate Pick Ticket for each order.

Pick tickets are generated using the information from Product Master table that we build within OrderCup. To build the product table from the current set of orders, go to Settings --> Products  and click the Import Products link. This will initiate a background job to build the Product Master and may take a few minutes.

You can generate a Pick Ticket for a set of orders easily by:

  1. Simply select the order(s) from the Orders tab. 
  2. Then to print a Master Pick Ticket, click Print --> Pick Ticket (By SKU). 
  3. Or to print a Pick Ticket by Order,  click Print --> Pick Ticket (By Order). 

After a pick ticket is printed for an order, the order is marked as "Pick Ticket Printed". Print --> Re-print Pick Ticket  prints only the pick tickets that were already printed. Print --> Pick Ticket  prints only if pick ticket was never printed for any of the selected orders.

The following screenshot is an example of a Master Pick Ticket.

The following screenshot is an example of a Pick Ticket by Order.