Creating a Spree Commerce Store

You can create a Spree Commerce store by using the New Store wizard:

  1. On the Home Tab, click the New Store button.

  2. Select 'Spree' from the drop-down list of supported carts

  3. Follow the wizard to define and set up your store for that cart

Note: You can have multiple stores for any given cart or across supported carts.

The screenshots below show the steps required to create your Spree Commerce store in the New Store creation wizard.

Step 1


Select Spree as the Shopping Cart.

Step 2

Specify the Store Details in Step 2 of the Store Creation Wizard and Click on  the "Next" button at the bottom.

Required fields are marked by * next to the field label.



Step 3

Enter the Spree Commerce  API Key in Step 3 as per the instructions provided. 


How to retrieve the API  ACCESS Key from  Spree Commerce store.

1. Login to your Spree Commerce store admin

2. Click on "Users" link in topmost menu.

3. Click on edit.

4. Copy API Access Key  and  paste it into text field provided for API Key in Step 3 of store creation in OrderCup application.  


5. Finally, click the "Done" button in step 3.