Woocommerce OrderCup Plugin

The WooCommerce OrderCup plugin helps store owners significantly speed up the shipping process by offering an easy way to seamlessly integrate their WooCommerce Stores on WordPress with OrderCup.

The OrderCup WooCommerce Plugin provides comprehensive functionality including creating a Store within OrderCup, migrating the Store from a Staging to Production URL and updating the Store credentials (Customer Key and Secret) stored in OrderCup. The Extension also allows you to enable Push Notifications for specific Order statuses in your WooCommerce store.

NOTE: The OrderCup plugin requires Customer Key & Customer Secret for it to work, 

You can generate the Customer Key & Secret as follows:

1) Log into your WordPress Admin

2) Go to WooCoomerce -> Settings -> API -> Enable the REST API

3) Go to WooCoomerce -> Settings -> API --> Key Apps -> Add Key (Make Sure You provide read / write access to  the keys)


Plugin Features

Once you install and enable the OrderCup Plugin, it gives you ability to do the following:

  1. Create a Store within your existing OrderCup Account that links to your WooCommerce Store
    1. If both your Account and Store exist in OrderCup, you can link your OrderCup Store to your WooCommerce Store in WordPress
  2. Update your OrderCup Settings
  3. Update the Consumer Key & Secret
  4. Update the Store URL

Download and Installation

If you don't have an OrderCup Account, follow the steps below. Otherwise skip directly to the next section, “Login to your OrderCup Account”

  1. Vist the link Sign Up
  2. Once you click on the OrderCup link, you will be redirected to the OrderCup Signup page. Fill in all the details and click the Sign Up button to create your OrderCup Account.

Once your Account is created, you will have to enable your Account by clicking on the link in the activation email you receive from OrderCup.

Login to your OrderCup Account

1. Login to your OrderCup Account


2. Click on the Settings Menu once you have logged in 

3. Click on the Plugins menu under Stores section and download the WooCommerce OrderCup plugin


Install the Extension

  1. Within the WP Admin, go to Extensions › Add New › Upload


  1. Select the plugin zip file from the folder on your local computer (where you downloaded the plugin file in Step 3 under the section ‘Login to your OrderCup Account’)

  2. Click the Install Now Button

  3. Once install is complete, Click the Activate Extension link

Note: If you already have the OrderCup plugin installed, you will need to deactivate and delete the earlier plugin and install this new version

Configure and Authenticate your Extension

Log in to your OrderCup account and click on the Settings Tab.

  1. Under the Setting -> Cart, click the Authorization Token sub-menu and Copy the Authorization Token. You will need to paste this in the next step.


2. Now visit the OrderCup -> Authorise plugin menu and paste the Authorization Token you copied in the previous step and click the Save button.

That's it! Congratulations, your Extension is now verified and activated, and you can use all the functionality it provides.

Create Woocomerce Store

This menu provides you the following capabilities:

  • Create a store on OrderCup and link the store to your WooCommerce store

  • Enable Push Notifications

    • When you receive an order in your WooCommerce store, that order will be automatically pushed to OrderCup

    • You can enable specific order statuses for push notifications. Only prder with those statuses will be pushed to OrderCup


How does Create WooCommerce Store work

Once you copy & paste the customer key and customer secret and you enable push notifications for specific order statuses, you need to click on the “Login & Link” button. You will then be redirected to the Login page of OrderCup.

Once you login to your account, you will be able to create the WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Store Details

Customer Key & Customer Secret:

The Customer Key & Customer Secret are required for access to your WooCommerce store via the API (e.g for Order Fetch and Push Notifications to work).

You can modify the Customer Key & Customer Secret used to link to your WooCommerce store at any time from the OrderCup -> Update OrderCup Settings menu.


Store URL:

The Store URL will be the URL of your WooCommerce store (this is not editable).

Push Order Notifications:

The enabled Order statutes that will be pushed to OrderCup, You can also modify these at any time from OrderCup -> Update OrderCup Settings menu. Modify the Push Notification enabled statuses as needed and click the Update button.

Note: Clicking on a Disabled/Enabled status enables/disables it.

Update Woocommerce Settings 

Under this menu of the Plugin, you can do the following

  1. Update the the Customer Key & Customer Secret that are associated to your OrderCup store

  2. Update the URL of your store on OrderCup (this option is very useful when you are migrating from your Staging domain to your Production domain or your store URL has changed)

  3. Update the Push Notification settings


Update Key and Secret

If you need to update the Customer Key & Customer Secret stored on your OrderCup Store , you can do so by performing the below steps

  1. Copy and Paste the Customer key & Customer Secret which you want to be saved at OrderCup end in the respective fields

  2. Click the Update button


Update URL

This section, will allow you to update the URL of the WooCommerce store at OrderCup end.


When can i make use of this option

Below are some of the scenarios when you can use this option of update URL

  1. When you are moving from staging server to production server

  2. You have modified your WordPress store URL

Below section describes the fields that are present on Update URL form

New Store URL:

This the URL of your new Store, that will be updated at OrderCup end

Old URL:

This is the URL that is currently associated with your WooCommerce store at OrderCup end, once You provide a Valid URL, your OLD URL at OrderCUp end will be updated to the New Store URL.

Push Notification Settings

This is where you can update the Push Notification Settings at any time you want, you need to click on the statuses to enable / disable them, once you are done you need to click the update button and your push notification settings would take effect immediately.


Update Key and Secret in OrderCup 

If you need to update the Customer Key & Customer Secret stored on your OrderCup Store , you can do so by performing the below steps

  1. Copy and Paste the Customer key & Customer Secret which you want to be saved at OrderCup end in the respective fields

  2. Click the save button at the bottom.

Conflict / concern with Shipment Tracking Plugin

If you already have the WooThemes Shipment Tracking Plugin installed into your WooCommerce store, there is no cause for concern. This plugin provides ability to embed tracking information into the buyer's email notifications and buyer's order view page.

Whereas, Ordercup updates the shipment tracking by posting to the buyer's order notes section and also send out an email to the buyer when a tracking information is generated along with custom tracking links, that will redirect automatically to the carrier's website.


  1. What is Authorization Token used for in my plugin

    1. The authorisation token is issued to you from OrderCup, this is mandatory for the plugin to work, this ensures that all the request you make from your WooCommerce WordPress Store to OrderCup are validated and true. The authorization token also identifies the user and acts as a combination of username & password

  1. I feel my Authorization Token is compromised, what can i do to generate a new one

    1. You would need to log into to your OrderCup account and visit Settings tab in Order to generate a new Authorization token

  1. After generating a new Authorization Token what are the steps i need to follow

    1. Once you generate a new Authorization token at OrderCup you will have to update the same at WooCommerce store at WordPress end for the plugin to function efficiently

  1. Where can i find the Troubleshooting information

    1. Please visit the link below to find Troubleshooting information


Click here for troubleshooting tips