Creating a NewEgg Store

You can create an NewEgg store by using the New Store wizard:

  1. On the Home Tab, click the New Store link.

  2. Select the Shopping Cart (Newegg) form the drop-down list of support carts

  3. Follow the wizard to define and set up your store for that cart

Note: You can have multiple stores for any given cart or across supported carts.

The screenshots below show the wizard steps.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


1. Void Label: Once a label is generated and the order is shipped with the shipment tracking information updated on newegg, there is no way to void the label. This is because, there is no way to re-process an order once the order is marked as shipped. Any attempt to re-process an order that has the shipment information updated will yield an error.

2. Multiple Item-quantity Orders: An item that has been ordered with a multiple quantity must be shipped and processed entirely. For eg. Say Item X with quantity 3. All 3 quantities of Item X must be shipped in the same package. This is a limitation from newegg data integration.

3. Partial shipments: An order that has multiple items, can be shipped partially. For eg. Say Item X with quantity 3 and Item Y with quantity 3. You can ship Item X with quantity 3 in one package, update Newegg, and the order will be marked as Partially Shipped in Newegg. Next you can ship Item Y with quantity 3 in another package, update Newegg, and the order will now be marked as Shipped. The shipment tracking information in newegg will have two separate packages each with its own shipment tracking information.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. Under the section FTP Order File Format on the Data Feed Settings page, Make sure you select the file format as Tab Delimited (*.txt)