Quantum View® Notifications help you manage your shipments more efficiently and securely. Whether you want to provide proactive notifications to your customers when their shipments are on the way, or alert them to unexpected delays, or to create a custom tracking report, Quantum View provides that solution.

OrderCup allows Quantum View Notifications option to be set for your UPS shipments. it allows you to set the default notification options for both the shipper and receiver. There are three types of events for which email notifications are possible - Shipped, Delivered and Exception.

In OrderCup, to set the Shipped, Delivered and Exception notification options for both Shipper and Receiver:

1. Click Settings  --> Carriers  --> UPS

2. Choose UPS Account (i.e. either OrderCup UPS and My UPS account) from Account To Use dropdown.

3. Under Notification sections, for Shipper and Receiver notification select  the check boxes for Shipped, Delivered and Exception events for which your want to 

    receive notifications.

4. Enter the email address to which the Shipper and Receiver notifications will be sent.

5. Click on "Save" button at the bottom.

Once the settings for notification are saved, the email notifications will be sent to the specified email addresses when Shipped, Delivered and Exception events occur.