We are excited to inform you that we have transitioned to a new feature called Master Shipping Account (MSA) effective May 1, 2015. A MSA is a shipping account that you set up within OrderCup in a single click, that is used to handle all your USPS, UPS, DHL shipping and Insurance needs. A MSA is funded by a Payment Method (a CC or Bank Account) that is used to pay for you shipping or insurance costs.

For current OrderCup users, this is already a familiar concept and is similar to your USPS, UPS , DHL or Insurance Account that you may have setup today, each of which is funded by a Payment Method. So a MSA is just the next step in the evolution of these individual accounts - now you have just one account (MSA) that is used for all your shipping related needs - shipping labels and insurance. The key advantages are:

  1. One-click creation of a Master Shipping Account, which is funded by a CC or Bank Account

  2. Only one set of replenishment parameters (threshold, replenishment amount) to configure

  3. The ability to handle all shipping (USPS, UPS, DHL) and Insurance via the MSA

  4. Simplified Accounting and Reporting (similar to a Checking Account with many different transaction types - Deposits, checks, ACH Credits and Debits, Wire transfers, ATM Withdrawals, etc.).

  5. Still have the ability to control which services (individual Shipping Carriers or OrderCup Insurance) you want to enable within the MSA.

As part of rolling out the MSA feature we have consolidated all existing USPS, UPS, DHL and Insurance Accounts into a single MSA Account.

  1. The individual balances have been combined into a total balance for the MSA Account

  2. The Funding source for the MSA was set to the same as that for the individual Accounts, unless some of them were different. In this case the Funding source was set to the existing account source (Bank Account / CC) in this order of preference USPS, UPS, DHL, Insurance.

  3. The Auto-Replenishment parameters for the MSA was set to the highest of the Auto- Replenishment settings for any of the Individual Accounts.

We have tried to make intelligent choices in the migration to the MSA. However, please review your MSA (under Settings → Master Shipping Account) to confirm that everything looks OK (balances, funding source, replenishment parameters, etc). You will also have access to all the MSA transactions under Reports → Billing → MSA Transactions Report.

Please let us know your feedback by emailing support@ordercup.com, or creating a support ticket, so we can continue to improve it.

The OrderCup Team