Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping

Amazon has launched a Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program allows sellers who manage and ship their own inventory to offer Prime-eligible items on Amazon. Sellers have to be approved to be part of the Amazon SFP program, and one of the key requirements is that all Prime-eligible orders must be shipped using labels that are generated via Amazon’s Buy Shipping API even though these orders will be fulfilled from the merchant’s own warehouse and not fulfilled by Amazon from their warehouses (FBA).

NOTE: Although OrderCup lets you override the shipping methods provided by Amazon Buy Shipping, the Amazon SFP program requires you to ship your orders primarily through Amazon Buy Shipping so please comply with these requirements otherwise it may affect your Amazon Seller Central Account status.

Shipping Amazon Prime-eligible Orders

OrderCup has implemented support for Amazon SFP and the associated Buy Shipping API.

Orders are fetched from Amazon just like regular orders but are identified as Prime-eligible orders and when they are shipped in OrderCup they go through a different workflow as compared to regular Amazon orders. The key difference is that when a Prime-eligible order is loaded on the Ship-Tab, the list of eligible services and delivery times is requested and returned by Amazon based on the order specifics (Ship-From, Ship-To, weight, package type, etc.) and the user can select the appropriate service from this list prior to generating the label.

The following steps outline the process to generate a label (and packing slip) for a Prime-eligible order:

  1. Get Eligible Services to Ship the Package


    When the Ship Page loads you will see that the Eligible Services (based on the order details) to generate the label are already loaded into the Amazon Eligible Services drop-down, Select the service you want to use to generate the Label (the delivery times and label costs are also returned along with the list of eligible services to help decide which service to use).


  1. If you see that the Eligible Services drop-down in empty after the Ship Tab loads completely, click the Get Eligible Services button, which will populate the drop-down.


        3. Update Ship page information

If you modify any information on the Ship Page such as the Ship-From Address, Ship-To Address, Dimensions, Weight, Confirmation Options or Insured Value, you will have to click the Get Eligible Services button again so that the eligible services are updated based on the latest information.

4. Generate Label


5. Once you generate a label you can either

a.    Close the order which will move the Order to shipped status in OrderCup

b.    Void the label


  1. Currently only PDF printing is supported for both thermal and laser printers (no direct printing to specific printers via OC Direct is supported)

  2. Batch printing of shipping labels and packing slips for Amazon Prime-eligible orders is not supported.