UPS Ground with Freight Pricing offers guaranteed delivery for non-palletized, multiple-package shipments using a pricing structure common in the Less than Truck Load (LTL) industry. It is an economical choice for multiple-package shipments weight over 150 lbs, and provides dependable delivery with full visibility on each individual package.and guaranteed on-time performance and competitive transit times.


  1. UPS Ground (Freight Pricing) offers an LTL pricing structure to customers who ship multiple packages to the same address on the same day using UPS Ground.

  2. This contractual service is available only to customers who have an Automatic Daily Pickup and who have a signed UPS Freight® LTL Statement of Agreed Pricing.

OrderCup has implemented support for the UPS Ground (Freight Pricing) service, both in terms of returning accurate rates and generating the appropriate multiple package labels.

To process a UPS Ground (Freight Pricing) shipment:

  1. When the Ship Page loads, select the UPS Ground with Freight Pricing service.



2. On selection of UPS Ground with Freight Pricing service, you will see dropdown for selecting

Freight Class below the Package Type dropdown.


Freight Class is used for Freight Classification for the items being shipped and it partially determines the freight rate for the shipment. For the proper freight classification contact your UPS Representative or Customer Support.

In the No. of boxes field, enter the number of boxes (packages) for the shipment.


3. On entering a value greater than 1 for No. of boxes, the Specify link will appear. Click the Specify link, it will open a popup window that will allow you to specify the details of the multiple boxes. The default values for the boxes will be loaded from the Ship Page.

You can alter the default values loaded for the boxes (Package Type, weight, dimensions, etc) as per your requirement and click on “OK” button

Note: Dimensions are not required for UPS Ground (Freight Pricing) shipments, and if entered will not be sent with the label request.

4. Click on Print Label button to generate the label or click on Get Cost button to retrieve the cost for the UPS Ground (Freight Pricing) shipment.