You can create a package in OrderCup (referred to as a Manual Package) easily from the Packages Tab using the steps outlined below.

  1. Click Packages on the Side Bar, then click the "Create" button in the Action Bar.     


2.  This will open up an Create Manual Package Form as shown below.

3. Fill in the Form and Click the Save button.


          1) Fields marked with  red  '*'  are mandatory fields.   

          2) If you  enter an order #,  items section for an order will be shown below the address. You can then select/unselect items

          3) You can change ship from address by choosing it from "Ship From Address" dropdown. 

          4) Carrier service drop down include the list of carriers integrated in OrderCup and custom carriers and services added.

Custom Carrier and Services -: 

    You can add a custom carrier and services in  OrderCup (referred to as a Custom carriers) easily from the Settings Tab using the steps outlined below.


    1.  Click Settings tab on the Side bar, the Click the  Carriers --> Custom Carriers  from the settings sub menu side bar.

    2.  It will show the list of all  custom carriers added.

    3. To add new custom carrier and services click on the "New" at the top, it will open up  create custom carrier and services form.Please fill up all required information and click on "Create" button the bottom.