You can create a Walmart store by using the New Store wizard:

  1. On the Home Tab, click the New Store button.

  2. Select 'Walmart' from the drop-down list of supported carts

  3. Follow the wizard to define and set up your store for that cart

Note: You can have multiple stores for any given cart or across supported carts.

The screenshots below show the steps required to create your Walmart store in the New Store creation wizard.

Step 1


Select Walmart as the Shopping Cart.

Step 2

Specify the Store Details in Step 2 of the Store Creation Wizard and Click on  the "Next" button at the bottom.

Required fields are marked by * next to the field label.



Step 3

Enter the Walmart  Client ID, Client Secret in Step 3 as per the instructions provided. 




How to retrieve the Client ID, Client Secret  

You can also find the steps on Walmart Seller Help

OrderCup users Use Delegated Access

Delegated Access – Solution Provider Authorization


The Walmart Developer Center offers a Delegated Access authorization feature which allows you to create separate, delegated access for each of your Solution Providers. Delegated Access allows you to manage your API keys and give Solution Providers access to specific services (content, items setup, order management, etc.). We recommend that all Partners utilize this feature.

Delegated Access allows sellers to: 

  • Define which features each Solution Provider can access.
  • Easily visualize of all Solution Providers’ level of access.
  • Revoke or adjust Solution Provider accesses depending on their roles.
  • Reset the Solution Provider’s Client Secret code. Resetting the Client Secret will only affect that user.
  • Solution Providers do not have login access to Developer Portal and need to reach out to their Sellers to get their API credentials.

For instructions on how to set up and manage Delegated Access, visit the Developer Portal.   


1. In the Developer Portal, click Login in the top right corner, and select the US flag under Marketplace Seller Login as the Login Type.

2. Your login details are the same as your Seller Center credentials.


3. Now click on your username in the top menu. Select the Delegate Access menu.

4. Search for OrderCup in the Solution Providers supported by Walmart drop-down and then click Add Provider

5. A row will be added and you need to give access permissions as shown in picture below. View Only access to Feeds and Full Access to Items, Order, Return.

6. Now click on the API Key link as pointed in above picture. This will bring a pop-up with Client ID & Client Secret.


7. Copy Client ID, Client Secret one at a time and paste it into text field provided for them in Step 3 of store creation in OrderCup application.  

8. Finally, click the "Done" button in step 3.

Note: If you click Regenerate Key, you need to update the new keys back in to OrderCup.