As per our earlier email notification, we plan to release the new OC Direct 2.1.0 at the end of the day [after 6 pm PST] on Wednesday, February 26. The upgrade to the new OC Direct 2.1.0 for all users of the current OC Direct 2.0.3 is mandatory, as it will allow us to release new printing features in the near future. 


OC Direct 2.1.0 has several benefits including:

  • Detects newly added printers without restarting OC Direct
  • Better support for asynchronous, concurrent printing to multiple printers
  • Supports USB device communication without requiring Java support in the browser
    Support for leading scales including Mettler Toledo, and Dymo
  • Improved HTML printing
  • Better support for Dymo printers
  • Improved support for PDF printing (future release) 

Installing OC Direct 2.1.0

You will need to install java before you can install OC Direct

NOTE: Please refer to the Notes & Troubleshooting section at the end of this article in case you have any issues with installing OC Direct 2.1.0.

On Windows, if you have an earlier version of OC Direct (e.g. 2.0.3), you will first have to uninstall it, before you can install OC Direct 2.1.0.

Uninstalling OC Direct

These are the steps to remove the currently installed OC Direct version for Windows.

1. Go to Control Panel and select Programs and Features.


2. Select the installed OC Direct  (e.g. OC Direct 1.9.3) and click Uninstall/Change.



3. Once OC Direct is uninstalled go to the next step below.

OC Direct 2.1.0 Installation


These are the steps to install the current OC Direct version (e.g. 2.0.1)  for Windows For instructions on Mac OS X, please visit OC Direct 2.0.3 Installation Guide (Mac OS X).

1. In OrderCup, go to Settings Users Printers and click on the Download OC Direct Tab





2. Click on the Install OC Direct 2.1.x for Windows button to download the Installation file. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

3. Once your file is downloaded, Run the file by double-clicking on it, and you will see a window like the one below, Click more info.



Now Click Run Anyway 


4. Once you start the setup, please follow the wizard steps to continue the setup, you can refer the screenshot below






5. Once OC Direct setup is complete and it's running, an OC Direct Icon will appear in your System Tray (and also in your Windows Start Menu), and start listening for secure commands from OrderCup, You can click this OC Direct Icon to perform functions like Reloading the App, inspecting logs, setting it to Auto-start on System startup, etc

6. Now logout of OrderCup and close your browser, and reopen it log into OrderCup. You are ready for the next step.




7. You may get a popup, if you do make sure to sselect the remember this decision and then click allow. 

Detecting and Saving your Printers and Scales

Once OC Direct is installed and running, you will need to detect and save your printers in order to enable direct printing to your configured printers.

In order to detect and save your printers, please follow the direction at Detecting and Saving your printers.
Here are some video links that will give you a visual.

Notes & Troubleshooting

  1. If your setup is blocked by an anti-virus program, please add to the exception list so that it can run
  2. Make sure OC Directis running after installing it (see OC Direct icon in System Tray image below).


  3. If you do not see the OC Direct icon in the tray list at the bottom right corner,  please click on Windows Start Button, search for OC Direct in the "Search Program and Files" text box and click it - this should start OC Direct icon and you should see it in the tray.
  4. You can also ensure OC Direct starts automatically on every reboot, by clicking on OC Direct Icon in the Tray and clicking the  Automatically Start  menu.
  5. If you would like to disable the pop-up alert that appears in the System Tray area with it's associated sound, you can do so from Control Panel --> All Control Panel Items --> Notification Area Icons --> select OC Direct and set the Behavior to Hide icon and notifications and Save it.