OrderCup now provides order fulfillment services through Shipwire platform. This is still in beta.

In order to use Shipwire you need to configure your Shipwire account in OrderCup. You can do this following these simple steps:

1. Go to  Settings --> Carriers & Fulfillments --> Third Party Fulfillment

2.  Add correct "Shipwire email address and password"

3. Click on save button.


Now you can push your orders to Shipwire from the orders page. Following are the steps:

1. Click on "Orders"  menu in left side bar, it will redirect you to orders page.

2. Select the orders which you want to send to Shipwire

3. Click on "Ship --> Send to Shipwire"  button the top.


It will display success message on successful submission. You can cross verify orders sent or not sent to Shipwire by login into Shipwire and Clicking on orders tab.

When a order is fulfilled in Shipwire (i.e. Label is generated), Shipwire will notify OrderCup. When OrderCup receives information from Shipwire, OrderCup will update your shopping cart with fulfillment information.

Note -:   Order which you are sending to Shipwire  must contains items with exact same SKU as it is in OrderCup present in Shipwire