Don't have a FedEx Account?  

You can easily sign up for one at

1.  Click the Sign Up or Log in: link on the top right,

2. Click CREATE ACCOUNT: Menu selection and follow the directions.

Once you have a FedEx Account number, you can create your FedEx Web Services credentials to us in OrderCup to obtain, rates, generate labels, schedule pickups, track you packages, etc. By following the steps below:

1. Go to, then click Developer Resource Center under 'MORE FROM FEDEX' section at the bottom of the page. 

2. Click on the drop-down link FedEx Web Services.

3. Click on the Move To Production link under the fedEx Web Services Overview section.

4. Login to your online FedEx account using your Username and Password.

5. Click on the Get Production Key button under the Move to Production section.

6. Click on the Blue button “Get Production key”.

7. Complete the short form, (see screenshot below) agree to the terms and conditions and finish the process.

Agree to the terms and conditions and finish the process.

8. Be sure to copy, print or write down the information provided on the Confirmation Screen.

You will receive an email with the Account Number, Meter Number and Password.  The Password, Account Number, Meter Number in the email, along with the 

Authentication Key from the confirmation screen, make up the four credentials that will be used in each transaction submitted to FedEx.


To save your Fedex Web Services credentials in OrderCup: Go to Settings --> Carriers and Fulfillment --> FedEx and enter your credentials and click Save.

If you need help please submit a ticket to OrderCup support.