Set up your Magento 2 store in OrderCup

Please follow the steps below to create a Magento 2 store in OrderCup and link it your online Magento 2 ecommerce site. This will allow you to fetch, sync, ship and update your orders from OrderCup.


a) These instructions are for a Magneto store [not a Magento 2 store]. If you have a Magento 2 store, please search our Knowlesgebase for 'Magento 2'  and follow the instructions in 'Set up your Magento 2 store'.

b) If you have already created a Magento 2 store at OrderCup, please skip this section and processed with the Section entitled "Authorize OrderCup to access your Magento 2 Store".

c) Everywhere in this article when we refer to Magento, we are referring to Magento 2.

  1. Log into Your OrderCup Account
  2. From the Home Page, Click the New Store button and follow the Store Creation Wizard.
    Note: Ensure you enter your Store URL without trailing slash ( / ), and enter the Magento Store URL and not your Magento Admin URL.

OC Magneto 2 New Store Wizard - 2.png

  1. Click Done and follow the steps shown on Step 3 of the Store Creation Wizard to complete the setup.


  1. After creating the Store in OrderCup, you need to Authorize OrderCup to access your Magento Store by following the steps in the next Section.

Authorize OrderCup to access your Magento Store

  1. Login to your Magento Admin panel.

  2. Go to the System --> Integrations --> click on the Add New Integration button.



  1. Enter a Name for the Integration, for example OrderCup.

  2. Enter the Callback URL value as

  3. Enter Identity Link URL value as

  4. Enter the Email and Password for the user that will be used to provide the authorization.


  1. Click API Tab on the left hand side & select All for Resource Access


  1. Click Down arrow on the Save button, click Save & Activate


  1. Click Allow in the next step.


  1. You will be redirected to OrderCup and asked to login If you are not already logged into your OrderCup Account.. Once logged in, click the Authorize link.


  1. Once you click Authorize, an initial fetch of your orders (the last 30 days) will be triggered and your orders will start coming in into OrderCup.