This article will show you how to use the grid features.

When you right click the column header you will see a popup menu. ( see image)

From the popup menu you can enable the filter bar (see next image)

Enabling the filter bar will allow you to search the columns on the current screen.

Simply click in the field of any column and start typing you search.

Other features include the ability to add or remove columns by selecting the add or remove options on the popup menu. 

Or if you would like to reset the view back to the default settings, simply click Rest Grid Display. ( see image) 



Another feature is you have ability to move columns, simply click and hold on the column header then drag it to the desired location and release.

(see image)

Note: These features work both on the orders screen and on the packages screen.

Another display feature is the ability to change the number of rows displayed. (image) 

1. Go to settings,User and then display.

2. Click the dropdown for rows per page and select the number of rows you would like to display.

3. Click save.

Note: not all columns apply to all shopping carts.