The first step is to log into your OrderCup account.

From the home screen select the launch setup button. 

On the OrderCup setup screen select the configure button

Now select the Amazon option from the list

Now select the Marketplace Country ( your sell from country) and click the next button.

Now fill in all the required fields and click next.

On this screen you will be asked to sign into you Amazon account

Now sign into your Amazon account

Once you are logged into your Amazon store, navigate to the Amazon Marketplace App Store.

Now either scroll down the page to the OrderCup App or you can use the search option at the top of the screen. once you find the OrderCup App click to install it.

Now select the Authorize Now button.

Now select the next button


1. For the US, use this Application Developer Number: 0222-7610-8635.

2. For the UK, use this Application Developer Number: 3750-3065-9122. 

Now select the I agree checkbox and click next.

Now copy the Amazon seller ID and MWS Auth Token into OrderCup.

Copy the above information into OrderCup.

Now click the Done button,

Orders should start to come in within the next 20 min.