Here are FAQs related to OrderCup's compliance with Amazon's Data Protection Policy (DPP).

1. When does Amazon's DPP go into effect?

The exact date this will go into effect is different for different providers and sellers, but we expect this to be in the near future. Once Amazon approves our DPP compliance implementation, we will inform you of the exact date that this will go into effect.

2. What data does Amazon's DPP affect?

Amazon's DPP covers all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) related to customers. Amazon has identified exactly what specific data this is based on individual API calls, and this is what will be affected.

3. Will prior orders shipped disappear from OrderCup after 30 days?

The orders themselves will NOT disappear after 30 days, just their Personally Identifiable Information will be removed 30 days after the order has been fulfilled.

4. Will customer specific information related to an order disappear?

All Personally Identifiable Information related to customers will be removed so that you will not be able to identify the customers after the 30 day period. Amazon already masks the email and does not provide billing address or phone numbers with the order, this will remove ALL identifiable customer information including the name, shipping address etc. related to the customer in OrderCup. This includes customer information in orders, packages and customers.