Saving printer layout and Detecting your printers

OrderCup supports direct (or silent) printing on Windows and Mac OS X for both thermal and laser/inkjet printers. In addition, we support printing via a PDF file. This article explains how to detect and save you printer configuration in OrderCup.

Detecting your Printers



You need to install the OC Direct application, in order to detect and print directly to your printers.

Please follow this link to download and install OC Direct, if you have not already done so. If you have installed OC Direct go to Step 2.

Note: You must have JAVA installed on your computer to install OC Direct. You can get JAVA from Here


  1. Go to Settings  --> User --> Printers.
  2. Click the Detect all available printers button.
  3. This will populate the list of available printers list, and you can set up your printers as described below.

Now select the page layout option.

and select the layout that you would like to use.

Now save your selection.

Now select you printer.     



and choose Direct printing to print directly to your printer and save.