There are two forms of returns labels supported by OrderCup:  Printed Return labels and Electronic Return Labels. These are explained below:

A.  Printed Return Labels (this method is used when enclosing a Return shipping label with every package)

These labels are generated at the time of generating an outgoing shipping label for inclusion in the shipment. Since this is a physical label that is generated at the time of shipping, and may or may not be used, it only make sense to use this in cases where the label is not charged unless used. This is the case with carriers like FedEx and UPS, where labels are 'live' once they have been scanned. However, for USPS, since each label is printed only after you postage is paid, it does not make sense.

OrderCup allows you the ability to generate Return labels automatically for each shipment, or selectively at the time of shipping (by selecting the Auto-Return checkbox).


B.  Electronic Return Labels (this method is used when generating a shipping label on demand)

You can also generate electronic Return Labels (in PDF format) to email to the customer on-demand. This is typically a customer initiated return, and we have the capability to return one on more items on previously shipped order. The Return Label (along with optional Return instructions and a Return PS) can be emailed to the customer for them to print and use to return the merchandise.


A.  Generating Printed Return Labels

For printed Return Labels, you can generate them automatically for each label by selecting the Auto-Returns feature. To enable the Auto-Returns feature:

  1. Go to Settings --> Shipments
  2. Check the Enable Auto-Return (print return label with shipping label for thermal printers) checkbox
  3. Select whether you want to include Return instructions or not
  4. Select whether you want to include a Return Packing Slip (Regular or Gift) or not.
  5. Select whether you want to include Default Auto Return Service or not
  6. Save your settings

That's it. A Return label will print with each outgoing shipment label. You can chooses to not print a Return label for a selected shipment by turning off the Auto Return checkbox on the Ship Tab.

Note: Return labels are not supported for international shipments.


B.  Generating Electronic Return Labels

You can also generate an electronic Return Label (along with a Return Packing Slip and Instructions) as PDF file on demand, that you can email to you customer. The customer can print the Return Label and Packing Slip  and follow the instructions to return the merchandise that was shipped to them.

In order to utilize the Electronic Return Label feature, the item must have been shipped within OrderCup. To generate a return label, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Orders Tab, and find the order for which you want to generate a Return Label. This will normally be under the Shipped filter, and you can also search for the order by order # in the Search box at the top and clicking Search.
  2. Click the Return link under the Action column for this order
  3. The order and all the items in the order will be loaded on the Return Tab, along with right Ship From and Ship To addresses. If you have more than one location you can select the appropriate Ship To return location.
  4. Select the item(s) to be returned and adjust the quantity, value, weight as needed. You can also enter in the Return Type, Reason for the exchange, Comments and an RMA #.
  5. Click "Create Return Label". This will generate a PDF Return Label and fills in the customer email address (that can be overridden).
  6. Click "Send" to email the Return Forms (Label, PS, Instructions). The item(s) status will be marked as Returned. That's all there is to it!