This feature is currently available only for U.S. and Canada origin accounts using USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, Purolator and Canpar carriers.

OrderCup users can now compare rates across multiple carriers & services. Currently the feature is available only for US origin accounts and for USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL carriers. For the sake of comparison OrderCup returns rates for these carriers even if you have not configured them.

You can access the Compare Rates feature from the Orders page and the Order Ship page by clicking the calculator icon in the top header.

Clicking on the calculator icon will bring up a pop-up dialog where you can specify details like to & from address, package weight, dimensions etc.

Address Information

You can now specify the Ship From country, zip or just select one on your store addresses. Similarly you just need to provide Ship To Country & Zip code and that is sufficient for most of the countries. Some countries like UK need Street information.

Package Information

If you have Custom Packages configured in OrderCup you can select one of those and it's weight, dimensions will be loaded automatically and you can modify further as required. If not, you can just have the Package selected and enter the weight, dimensions. Weight and dimension units are as per what you have set up for the store in OrderCup.

Shipment Options

You can specify a Confirmation option for the shipment by selecting one from the available Confirmation list. Check the Residential Address flag if you know in advance that the Ship To address is a residential one. This will help getting more accurate rates.

Filter by Service Class

Services are classified into three categories viz Standard, Expedited & Express. You can filter the rates returned for comparison by service class or just have Show All selected to get rates for all applicable services.

Once the shipment details are entered, just click the Get Rates button at the bottom and all the applicable services with rates will be displayed in a grid.

Services are loaded in descending order of price by default. It also shows the expected delivery date if applicable against the service. For rates to new address, just click Reset, enter details and click Get Rates.