OrderCup supports integration with GroovePacker for pick & pack operations. GroovePacker is an online inventory management, barcode scan and pack verification software for warehouse quality control. Order items are scanned during packing to ensure order accuracy.

To set up GroovePacker in OrderCup, get the GroovePacker FTP credentials for your account from GroovePacker. Then in OrderCup, go to Settings --> Carriers & Fulfillment --> Pick & Pack.

Enter the FTP credentials [FTP Address, Username, Password] received from GroovePacker and click the Save button.

You can now enable the Pick & Pack integration for the desired stores in OrderCup. To enable, go to Settings -> Stores -> Details. Scroll down to locate the Pick & Pack section. Now based on your order packing workflow select either of the following:

- On shipment creation

- On order creation.

Click the Save button at the bottom.

How it works?

OrderCup exports the orders to GroovePacker via a CSV file to the configured FTP server, where they will be identified and automatically imported into GroovePacker.

You have two options to decide when to export order to GroovePacker.

1. Order creation: Exported when the order comes into to OrderCup
2. Shipment creation: Exported when a shipment is actually generated for the order.

Here is the list of fields that OrderCup sends to GroovePacker:

Order ID
Order Date
Item Name
First Name
Last Name
Postal Code
Tracking Number (only in case of On Shipment creation)

Orders can also be exported manually to GroovePacker if required. You can do this for

1. A batch 

2. An individual order (only for the 'On Order creation' option)

3. An individual package.

The screenshots below show how to do this in each scenario.

1. Manual export for a batch

2. Manual export for an order

3. Manual export for a package