OrderCup's Batch Shipping feature allows you to ship multiple orders at a time,. A Batch is a set of orders that you wish to ship together, i.e generate all labels and optionally packing slips with one command.

OrderCup provides two options for batch shipping:


  1. One-Click Batch
  2. Step-By-Step Batch.

You can use either option for your Batch shipping based on your requirements, but here are some guidelines:

The One-Click Batch is for those whose orders are accurate to begin with & you do not have to edit order information like Shipping Method, weight, address, etc. Just select the Orders to ship & click Batch --> Process, and the Batch will be created, the labels printed & the cart updated - all with one command without any user intervention!

The Step-By-Step Batch is for those who might want to edit or review the orders after he batch is created (prior to printing the labels) or those who might not want to delay or not update cart. Step-By-Step Batch shipping requires the user to trigger the steps Create, Print, Update Cart to complete Batch Shipping.

Create Shipping Profiles

In order for batch shipping to work, you must have a Shipping Profile defined for each unique Requested Shipping Method for the orders int he batch.

To set up your Shipping Profiles, please follow the article (link below) to achieve this.

Set up your Shipping Profiles 

Update/Sync Orders

section, select 'On' for Update each order --> For batch shipments (on batch creation) and click Save.

1. One-Click Batch Shipping

To use One-Click Batch Shipping, all you need to do is:


  1. Select the Orders to be shipped from the Orders Tab
  2. Click Batch --> One Click Process.

Note: You can ship maximum of 30 Orders at a time in One-Click Batch Shipping.

Following are the screenshots depicting different stages of One-Click Batch Shipping in action.

2. Step-By-Step Batch Shipping

Here are the steps for shipping a batch of orders:

Create a Batch

  1. Go to the Orders tab.
  2. Select the orders that you want to group together in a batch from either the Active Orders filter, or from a previously created User Defined Filter.
  3. Once the required Orders are selected, click Batch --> Create (From Selected Orders).

A new batch will now be created and will be assigned a unique Batch ID for reference. The 'Today' filter under Batches will be selected & you will see your newly created batch in the grid.

Note: You can only create a batch from 'Active', 'New', 'Processing' & User-defined Filters.

Remove from Batch

If you need to exclude orders from a batch that were previously added in error, select the orders to be excluded from the batch and click Batch --> Remove from batch. 

Note: You cannot remove orders from across multiple batches (all orders must be from the same batch), or from batches where the orders were successfully processed. 

Select a Batch

To select a batch, go to the Batch grid from the 'Batches' filter, and check the appropriate batch in the grid. 

Note: Only one Batch can be selected at a time.

Edit a Batch




To edit the shipping settings for a batch of orders, follow the steps below. You can edit an individual order column value, or change the values of a group of orders in the batch by using the bulk edit feature.

  1. Select a batch to be edited and click Batch --> Edit.
  2. The Batch grid will be replaced by 'Batch Orders' grid of the selected batch.
  3. You can now edit an individual order value (if allowed) by double clicking on the cell, or edit multiple selected orders by clicking the 'Bulk Edit' link. When bulk editing, Any options that are blank or say 'No Change' will not be changed, and will retain their original values.
  4. Click on Update button to save your changes.
  5. Click on the Close link once you have finished editing your orders.

How to Delete Orders from a batch you already created


Exit out of Edit Batch Screen( X out of the Screen)




You will need to go back to the Orders tab under New. Find the order(s) you need to delete, click on Batch then Remove from Batch.


(Ex. On this screenshot, I will select order 63487 which you can see belongs to Batch 59788, then click on Batch, Remove From Batch) 





Print Labels, Re-Print Labels

To print labels for a batch, or to re-print them,, select a batch & click the corresponding option from the 'Batch' menu.

Update Cart

The last step in the Batch Shipping process is to update the orders in the cart with shipping information (such as Carrier name and Tracking#), and change the status of the orders to ‘Closed’. To do this,

  1. Select the appropriate batch in the batch grid
  2. Click Batch --> Update Cart. 

This will update the shipping information on all the orders in the batch, and change the status of the orders to Closed. If this is completed successfully, the status of the Batch will change to 'Updated Cart'. The shipments in the batch (on the Shipments tab) will also reflect this status.

Batch Shipping International Orders

The process of batch shipping international orders is similar to that of batch shipping domestic orders. However, there a few things to note in batch shipping international orders:

  1. Currently, we support batch shipping only for USPS shipments.
  2. A batch cannot have both domestic & international orders, i.e It must have all domestic or all international orders.
  3. International USPS labels can be integrated (for thermal) or non-integrated (laser / inkjet) depending on criteria like service, weight, order value etc. If both forms of labels are present in an international batch, the orders that will generate non-integrated labels are skipped and only integrated labels are printed for the batch. The non-integrated label orders (and associated shipments) can be removed from the batch and then they can be batched separately.
  4. Whenever the shipment weight is updated, all the line-item weights are prorated accordingly.