OrderCup partners with a best of class insurance provider ( Insureship ) to insure our shipments, and make filing claims easy and fast.

To file a claim, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Packages tab, search for or locate your package, and scroll RIGHT until you see the column heading entitled Claim.

  2. Simply click on the File link (i.e. File a Claim) for your package. Enter any Claim Details (the rest is pre-filled) and click FIle Claim.

  3. Once you file the claim, the link will change to Status. You will view information for your claim by clicking on this link.

NOTE: Clicking the Status link does NOT provide the latest status on the claim, just information on the claim. For the latest status, you will have to email support@insureship.com. Your insurance provider will follow up directly with you to request any additional required documentation and resolve your claim.