Which USB scales are supported?

Short answer: Most, but we’ve specifically tested the first two below

We have developed our scale integration to work with most USB scales.  However, we have users that use all of the following scales: 

  • Mettler Toledo PS Series (PS15, PS30, PS60, ....)
  • Dymo M Series  (M10, M25, ....)
  • Fairbanks Series (SCB-R9000-144, ...)
  • (Model 510, Model 2510, ...)

If your USB scale is not working with OrderCup, please send us the Make and Model#, so we can add it to a “not supported” list.

  1. We will no longer offer technical support for “Serial” connected electronic scales. However, the current functionality will stay in place. In other words, if it works, great; otherwise, replace it with a USB scale. (By the way, if your Serial scale is supplied by UPS or FedEx, they will most likely replace it with a USB scale at no charge).



Usage Instructions

Step 1: Initial setup 

  1. Go to Settings --> My Config --> Scale, check "Enable Scale" and click “Detect USB scales”. 
  2. A browser popup or dialog box will ask your permission for connecting our java applet. Make sure you give permission to “always trust” (and not just a one-time permission).
  3. When your scale name is displayed in the dropdown box, click “Save”
  4. Wait for a few seconds, and then click on the “Test scale” link which just showed up, and .  You will see a message that indicates success.  (If failure, please wait for a few seconds and retry.  If failure again, send us the Name, Make and Model# of your USB scale.) 

Step 2: Ongoing use

Whenever you are on the “Ship” page, OrderCup will automatically capture and insert the scale reading into the “Weight” field, and will even replace any “calculated weight”.  You’re all set to ship like a champ!

Troubleshooting: Setup was fine but scale is not capturing weights on the Ship page

  • If you have two weight fields, one for Lbs and one for Oz, you should change it so that you have only one weight field. To do so, go to Settings --> Shipments and in the dropdown for "Shipping weight units", choose 'Pounds' (not 'Pounds and Ounces'), and Save.
  • Another common fix is to simply power your scale on and off, and that does the trick.
  • It could also be a permission issue. Make sure you have given permission to the browser to "always trust" our java applet (described in the Setup section above).

Time saving tips:

  • How to deal with a slow scale:  Some scales (we’ve noticed the Dymo, for example) may be slow in responding to OrderCup’s commands for a “stabilized reading”.  To minimize this wait time, place your package on the scale before you get to the “ship” page, so that by the time all the shipping variables are loaded, OrderCup will have captured the weight reading.
  • How to do a temporary manual override: Often, you may need to temporarily override the automated scale reading.  To do so, in the “ship” page itself, click on the “Disable scale” link (situated next to the weight field).  Now manually enter your weight and process your package.  The next time, click on the “enable scale” link, and you are back in automated mode.
  • How to disable / enable USB electronic scale:  Go to Settings --> My Config --> Scale.  Check or uncheck the box for “Enable scale”. Save the setting.