Overview - Why DHL?

It’s the world’s #1 package shipping company, and OrderCup has established a unique, deep discount partnership to facilitate your international packages.  Growth in international ecommerce is exploding, and consumers all over the world are clamoring for American and Canadian goods.  Offering DHL instantly legitimizes your ecommerce business in the eyes of your foreign buyers, and when they see the affordable cost to them, it further enhances your branding.  For more details on DHL goodness, click on the “Forums” tab above, and in the ‘Announcements’ section, read the DHL article.

How does DHL shipping work in OrderCup?

Shipping with DHL is just like shipping with USPS Priority Mail International or Express Mail International. Your OrderCup/DHL account, funded by your charge card in OrderCup, handles it all (just like your OrderCup/USPS account).  OrderCup cannot generate DHL labels if you use your own DHL account number; anyway, there’s no need to do so because of the deep discounts you get via OrderCup. Each shipment will deduct from your DHL account. You can void, reprint or whatever.

  • DHL will pick up from your location, whether you have a single package or hundreds. The Call-in Number is 800.225.5345 (800-CALL-DHL).

    You can now setup your DHL Pickup by simply going into the Pickups tab  in left sidebar menu  after you log into your Ordercup account. Click on "New Pick Up"  button  in the action bar of pickups page and fill in your information.                                                                                                                                     

Typical pickup time is between 3pm and 5pm local time, but DHL needs a minimum one hour call notice, so for first time DHL shippers, call early in the day, to be sure for your location. You can always fine tune ongoing pickup time with your DHL driver.

  • No-hassle shipping, heavily discounted shipping: With OrderCup DHL, what you see is what you get - DHL will not make you pay additional charges later - things like Fuel Surcharge, Residential Surcharge, the dreaded Remote Area Delivery Surcharge, etc., etc.

  • Duties and taxes are always paid by the recipient. OrderCup does not facilitate "duties paid by sender".

  • Reports: All your transactions can be viewed in your DHL report, accessed from the Reports tab (Reports --> Billing --> DHL Transactions Report)

  • FYI, here is a list of countries that DHL does not ship to (as of Dec 1, 2012): DHL no-ship country list

But wait - what if my shopping cart does not calculate and display DHL rates?

That’s not a problem.  Here’s what many merchants are doing - use USPS Express Mail rates for the actual rate calculation, and call it something like “DHL International 3 to 4 day delivery”. In your OrderCup’s ‘Reports’ tab, you can monitor how much profit you are making on international shipping, and adjust the rates up or down in your shopping cart accordingly. You may be surprised how often your DHL cost is lower than the much slower USPS, and this will allow you to display even lower shipping cost to your international customers, thereby increasing the number of your international orders.

DHL Setup in three Steps: a b c

(a) One time setup of Customs forms and Package Insurance:

1.  Go to Settings --> Carriers --> DHL

(If you are asked to enter a Payment method first, go to Settings --> Payment Methods --> Credit Card.  There, set up your credit card first. if you already have a credit card loaded, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the section “Use for”, select ‘Master Shipping Account’, and Save.) Next go to Settings --> Master Shipping account and check "DHL" under "Sub Accounts" and click "Save"

Click on the link, "Configure DHL Customs form", which is towards the bottom. Use these typical customs forms settings:

Commercial invoice (#of copies): 2
Populate customs forms detail by: Using order details
Type of export: Permanent
Export reason: Sale
Terms of Trade: DAP - Delivered at Place
Contents: No need to write long sentences. For example, "Apparel".
Click  on "Save" button at the bottom.

2.  Setup OrderCup insurance for DHL International shipments.  

With the deep discount we have negotiated  with DHL, adding OrderCup Package Insurance becomes not only safe but also quite affordable:

Go to Settings --> Insurance
Check the box for "Automatically insure packages based on rules below"
Insurer type: OrderCup
Click on "Setup rules for Insuring packages"
In the popup box: Check the box, "International orders", Match All, and hit "ok".
Click the "Save" button at the bottom.

The settings above are simply to save your time.You can always change all insurance settings when printing the shipping label.


(b) Remember this about the DHL Shipping label:

Keep in mind that DHL will always print a PDF label (the PDF will have everything you need), which you can print to any laser or inkjet printer.

(c) How to set up Pickups: 

  • For pickups that are not on a daily schedule, simply click the "pickups" tab in OrderCup to arrange for a DHL pickup.
  • For daily/scheduled pickups, you can set up your specific pickup schedule with your DHL driver. If your driver asks to call DHL instead, simply create a help ticket in OrderCup requesting the scheduled pickup (let us know that the frequency of the pickup as well as your pickup address). 

Now you are all set to ‘wow’ your international customers!