OrderCup allows you to generate a USPS SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) Form for your USPS shipments. A SCAN Form serves as a single acceptance scan of multiple packages into the USPS Mail Stream. 

You can generate the SCAN Form from either the Packages Tab or from the Reports Tab. The Packages Tab provides the flexibility to Auto-Select packages for a particular day, or select or unselect individual packages (to override those selected via an Auto-Select). To generate a SCAN Form from Packages Tab, click the 'USPS Scan Form' button. This will load a overlay with the packages that have not been transmitted to USPS for SCAN Form generation via OrderCup. None of the packages on this overlay are selected by default.

You can use the Auto Select Packages link on this page to select the packages that need to be transmitted. Clicking Auto Select Packages provides a dialog box that allows you to select the Shipment Date and the Ship From Address. You can also manually select the packages that you want to generate a SCAN Form for from this overlay page. 

If you have just one store location you are shipping from, it means that you generated all your shipments from the same Ship From Address, and this address is selected by default in the Auto Select dialog. However, if you have multiple store locations, you need to generate a separate SCAN From for each of your store locations (store addresses). You can generate as many SCAN Forms as required. We recommend using the Auto Select option instead of manually selecting packages when you have multiple store addresses. Auto Select ensures that packages selected are the ones from the Ship From Address selected.

Once you are done selecting the packages, click the Generate link on the top of this page and it will generate the USPS SCAN form for the selected packages. The generated SCAN Form will appear as a PDF document on the page, and you can send it to any configured printer (that can handle letter page size PDF documents).

You can also generate SCAN Form from Reports --> Manifest --> USPS Scan From ... Since this does not load the packages, the SCAN Form is generated based only on the Auto Select option.