Canada Post is available as a shipping carrier in OrderCup for users who have one or more stores of Canadian origin. You can set up Canada Post as a shipping carrier as described below.

Note: While we support label and packing slip printing to both thermal and laser/inkjet printers, currently Canada Post does not support thermal label printing for non-contract accounts. 

Canada Post

To set up your Canada Post account, follow the steps outlined:

  1. Click Settings --> Carriers --> Canada Post
  2. Click the link Register your Canada Post account and follow the instructions.

3. You will now be redirected to CanadaPost website.

4. Login to your CanadaPost account.

5. Select/Add a Credt Card.

6. Agree to the Terms & Conditions

7. Done. You will be redirected back to OrderCup with your credentials configured. You are now all set to use CanadaPost shipping from OrderCup.

Customs Form

If you ship internationally, you can also setup your Customs Form by clicking on the Configure Canada Post Customs Form link in International Shipments section.