Your Master Shipping Account (MSA) in OrderCup is used to purchase discounted shipping labels and discounted package insurance via OrderCup. The account is funded via your Credit Card or Bank Account and replenished in fixed amounts automatically (auto-replenishment) or manually by user action. If you decide to cancel your OrderCup Account at any time and you utilize discounted OrderCup shipping or insurance via the MSA, there may be an unused balance in your MSA.

No worries, we will refund the any unused balance in your MSA to you within 21 days but often sooner. it may take this long because with some carriers, it takes a couple of weeks for pending refunds to settle and be credited to OrderCup, so that we can issue the refund to you. 

If you fund your MSA via a Credit Card, we will refund the unused balance to your Credit Card. If you fund your MSA via a Bank Account, then we will issue you a check or if requested, we can send payment to your PayPal Account (in either case, please initiate a support ticket and provide relevant details).