A.  Background

OrderCup uses Java printing technology to print to your detect and print to your printers directly. If you are not able to detect printers in OrderCup or your labels are not printing (either for the first time or this has stopped working suddenly), the culprit is usually a Browser or Java issue! Either your Java suddenly dislikes your Browser, or your Browser suddenly dislikes your Java, or both.  This is happening more and more these days due to clashes between Java (which has certain vulnerabilities) and your browser (which is trying to over-zealously protect itself from those vulnerabilities).  Java can update automatically without you knowing it, and so can your Browser - which is what causes this issue to occur, sometimes suddenly and out of the blue.

B. How to Resolve

  1. In general, we recommend NOT to have automatic updates turned on for either your browser or Java, and to not use the very latest version of FireFox or Safari unless it has been publicly released for some time and there are no known issues (do not ever use Beta versions of the browser). . This allows the Java and browser developers the time needed to make sure they work well with each other. 
  2. As of now, the latest known configurations of the Browsers and Java that are known to work are: Safari 6.0.3 / Java 1.7.0_45  and Firefox 26.0 / Java 1.7.0_45. 
  3. You may need to allow Java to run the first time when a new browser or Java version is installed by clicking on the 'Allow' and 'Allow and Remember' buttons when prompted (see images below for Firefox 26 ).

  1. If your applet still does not run, you may need to un-install the latest version of the Java or the browser, and install an earlier (stable) version from the links below:
    1. Latest Java version: Download latest Java version   
    2. Earlier Java versions: Download earlier Java versions 
    3. Latest Firefox version Download latest Firefox version   
    4. Earlier Firefox versions Download earlier FF versions
    5. Latest Safari version Download latest Safari version  
  2. Clear your browser cache and exit your browser (you could also restart your Mac)
  3. Often when a new version is of Java or the browser is installed, the ability to run Java applications and applets maybe disabled int he browser, and this will cause your printing to stop working till it is enabled again. 
    1. Enable Java in Firefox:  http://mzl.la/VYiQ64 

C. Turn off Automatic Updates

Here is how you turn off  Automatic Updates for Java and your Browser.


You can access your Java Preferences on Mac OSX 10.7.3 or later from the Apple Menu --> System Preferences --> click he Java icon in the Other section. Click on the Update tab, and change your setting to Notify you of updates but NOT install them automatically and Save it.

For Mac OSX 10.7.3 or earlier, the Java is not updated automatically, and you would have to download and install this manually via Apple Menu --> Software Updates. 


  1. In FireFox, you can turn off Automatic Updates by going to the Firefox Menu --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Update Tab --> Set the Update Option to 'Check for Updates, but let me choose when to install them'.
  2. For Safari, Automatic Updates are controlled form the Apple Menu --> Software Updates. 

If you get prompted for updating your to the latest version of FireFox, Safari or Java, we suggest waiting for a few weeks or so (till there are no known issues) before upgrading.