Ordercup provides free global address verification for addresses in over 240 countries. 

You can enable address verification for a store via the following steps.

  1. Log into your Ordercup account.
  2. Under the Settings tab, click on the Store Details link. 
  3. Under Store Details, you should see Address Verification section.
  4. Select None (address verification disabled), Verify US Address (US and Canada), Verify Non-US Address (rest of the world) or Both (all countries).

Verification for single shipment

When shipping a single order, address verification is automatically performed based on the address verification settings above for the Store, when the order is loaded on the Ship Tab (either by clicking  the Ship link within the Orders grid for a specific order, or by entering an Order ID on the Ship Tab, and clicking Fetch).  

Once address verification has been performed, the result is displayed on the Ship-To Address panel on the right hand side of the Ship Tab, you will either see a green check mark (address verified)  or a red X (some aspect of the address did not verify) . Even if you have an X, the address may be OK, and you can still ship the package. You can hover over the check mark or X to see additional verification details.

To modify the address, you can click Edit on the Ship-To Address panel, or you can revert to the original address by clicking the Original link. To map the address, click the Map link. 

Verification for batch shipments

When doing batch shipments, you will have the option to enable both US and non-US address verification separately.  You will also have the option to skip orders from the batch when address verification fails during batch creation (see screenshot below). If you do not choose to skip orders that have an errors during the batch creation, they will remain as part of the batch and will appear under the Batch Errors Filter, so you can correct them easily and reprocess the batch. 


You can see the Address Verification status of orders in a batch by clicking on the Batch ID in the list of batches. This will bring up an Edit Batch pop-up that will show you whether the address verification was successful or failed (green check mark or red in the Address Verification column). If you hover over the red X it will show you details of the Address Verification failure.