Since the latest Java update (Java 7 Update 21), some users have reported that printing labels directly in OrderCup has stopped working. This is caused by browser  and the latest java incompatibilities, so please follow these steps to rectify this issue.
  1. Check to see if you can print a label. If you can, then you do not have to go through these steps. If you can’t, continue with step 2.
  2. You will need to uninstall Java Update 21.
    1. Go to Start --> Control Panel --> Uninstall Programs (Add or Remove Programs for Windows XP)
    2. Uninstall all the Java applications you have listed (J2SE Runtime Environment, J2SE Development Kit, Java 6, etc.)
  3. Close the Uninstall Program Window (Add or Remove Programs) and open Internet Options. Delete all your cookies and cache
  4. Now, In Windows Explorer, Open up My Computer and click on C:. Navigate to Program Files (x86 Program Files) and delete all the Java Folders you see. (Make sure you empty your Recycling Bin). Then Restart your Computer
  5. Once you log back in, open up Chrome or Firefox and open a new tab
  6. Click on this link OR copy and paste it into the browser URL field:
  7. Click on Java SE Runtime Environment 7u17
  8. Next, click on Windows x86 Online - 0.86MB in size (You will have to create an Oracle Account unfortunately to download the file. Even if you have a 64bit machine, you will need this file. Since the browser is 32 bit, you will need a 32 bit Java).
  9. After you install the update, restart your machine and log back in to Ordercup. Go to Settings Tab (on the top right) --> Printers. Click on Detect Printers and check mark the box with the printer you want to use as default. Make sure you pick the right Type and Format. (For Laser printers, the Type is always Image. For Thermal printers, it can be either ZPLII or EPL2 depending what your printer supports. Check with printer specifications).
  10. Click Save.

Try Printing a label - it should work now (If printing a USPS label, just check Use Test Postage on the Ship Tab to create a Test Label). Please contact us if you still have issues after going through these steps.

*Per Java/Oracle's site, there are security  vulnerabilities  that Java 7 Update 21 fixed. It is the reason Update 21 was released . Mainly because of the security issues they had with the last update. We are currently working on this problem and as soon as the  compatibility  issue with Java 7 Update 21 is fixed, we will let everyone know. Thank you for your patience in this matter.