Your USPS Account can be credited in one of two ways - automatically using the Auto-replenish option and specifying an auto-replenish amount, and manually by specifying the amount to replenish. Based on the which of the two methods is failing, the causes and resolutions below will apply. Please try all the applicable suggestions below:

  1. If your USPS Account is set to Auto-replenish, sometimes the issuing bank will decline the transaction if they see multiple debits for the same amount coming through several times in a day. You can try doing manual recredit for a different amount to your USPS Account by going to                                           Settings --> Carriers --> USPS --> Credit USPS Account now link.

  2. If the Recredit error indicates that there was an Address or Zipcode mismatch, please go to Settings --> Carriers --> Payment Method and verify that the billing address information on file is correct.

  3. If the error indicates that the failure was because the issuing bank declined the transaction, please contact your CC issuing bank to determine the reason for this.

Note : You will need to provide your CVV number when you create or update your credit card information under Settings  --> Carriers --> Payment Method.