There may be several reasons why you need to update your credit card information on file:

  • Your credit card information has changed (address, new expiry date, etc.)

  • Your transaction was declined for some reason (like an address or CVV mismatch)

  • Your usage billing failed due to missing or incorrect payment information. In this case you may have to enter new CC information or update the existing CC information. You will be redirected to the Payment Method page when you try to log in to OC, and can start at Step 2.


To update your CC, follow the steps below:

NOTE: you must login as an Owner or owner account

  1. Go to Settings --> Payment Methods  --> Credit Card

  2. Click New or Select the existing CC you want to use

  3. Ensure that all the information is correct (expiry date, address, zip, etc.)

  4. IMPORTANT: Enter your CVV value in the Card Verification Value field (the three or four digit code on the back or front of your CC)

  5. Click Save. If a message appears indicating that the 'CC was updated' then you should be good to go .



As the final step, depending on whether your OC Account billing or your USPS  Account recredit was failing, select the appropriate link (Settings --> Account or Settings --> USPS) under Settings, select the updated CC and click Save button.

If you still have issues or the update fails, please submit a support request with your phone number so we can assist with resolving the issue.