You can link your 3dcart store in OrderCup by using Launch Setup wizard from the Home Page, Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Login to your OrderCup account.

  2. From the Home page, click the Launch Setup button.

  3. Click on Configure button from Connect to your Selling Channels section 

  4. Click on the 3dcart icon from the list of Selling Channels icons.

  5. Follow the Wizard steps below to link your 3dcart store to an OrderCup Store. n your Account.

Note: You can have multiple stores for any of the supported Selling Channels.

The screenshots below show the Wizard steps required to create your 3dcart store in OrderCup.

Step 1


Click the 3dcart icon from the list of Selling Channels.

Step 2

Enter your 3dcart Store URL in the text box for 3dcart Secure Url text box and click on the Launch 3dcart Install button.



Step 3

This will redirect to your 3dcart Store Login page. Login to yoour 3dcart Store and accept the request for the OrderCup App to be installed.




Step 4

On successful installation of OrderCup App, you will be redirected back to the OrderCup tore creation wizard with your store details filled in. Review and update the information as required, and click on the Confirm and Install button.


Step 5

Click on Done button, and your 3dcart store will be created in OrderCup..