Please read carefully, including the “Tips” paragraph below. UPS servers are touchy, and if you get errors and try multiple times during setup, UPS will block you for 24 hours before you can try again!

To set up your UPS account in OrderCup, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to Settings  --> Carriers and Fulfilment--> UPS
  • Select 'My UPS Account' from the Use drop-down
  • Click on the link for “Please register with UPS Developer Kit by clicking here
  • Follow the directions on the Wizard:
- Click the Next button
- Read and Scroll through the UPS Online Tools Access License Agreement, click Next

- Enter your UPS Account Information and click Next

You will now be on the following screen. (Note that the fields on the left are mandatory, and the fields on the right are optional.  However, it’s always best to fill out the fields on the right as well, because then OrderCup will be able to show you your own contracted rates that you may have with UPS):

Tips for entering the mandatory fields on the Left side:

  • Make sure that the UPS User ID you enter is unique (do NOT use your existing User ID even if you have one! Use letters and numbers when creating a password.)

  • The zipcode you need to enter above is the Billing Zipcode associated with your account, which may be different from the regular zipcode associated with the account (see Tips below)

Tips for the optional fields on the Right side:

For OrderCup to display your contracted UPS rates, also fill out the info on the right side of the UPS form above. You need to have the very latest invoice from UPS handy. Use the following screenshot of a UPS invoice as a guide (it matches the above image so you can correlate the values:

  • 5 digit Zip code: In the pic below, there is only one zip code on the Invoice, so you would enter 20016.  However, if you have two addresses, the other one being on the top left of the invoice, then use the other zip code!

  • Invoice date:  Enter it in the format yyyymmdd, i.e. for November 24, 2012 you will enter 20121124

  • Invoice number: Enter the entire number, including any number of zeroes in the beginning

  • Invoice amount:  Enter the amount under “Amount due this period” (not Total Amount Outstanding)

  • If you still get errors, try only filling out the left side first. Later, when you get a newer invoice, you can try the Right side again.

Once you have entered all the values, click the “Next” button on the UPS registration wizard form. If the information is entered correctly, your UPS Shipper Number will instantly get registered with OrderCup via UPS Online Tools, and a new UPS Access Key generated for you. You can see it under 

Settings   --> Carriers --> UPS.  You are now ready to ship via UPS.

Remove clutter and only display the UPS services you use:

In Settings   Carriers  → UPS, click on the link, ‘Configure shipping services enabled while shipping’.  Check only those UPS services that you normally use, and click ‘Save’. That way, when you are actually shipping, your shipping person only sees those UPS services that you typically want to use.

Setup Customs Form for International Shipping:

Your best choice for shipping internationally is via DHL. However, in those cases where you need to ship via UPS, you can setup your customs form, as follows:

  • In Settings --> Carriers --> UPS, click on the link, “Configure UPS Customs Form”.
  • If your account in approved for Paperless Invoice (you can confirm this with your UPS account rep), check the appropriate box on the Customs Form setup, so that  your Customs Form information will be transmitted electronically to UPS, and there’s no need to print out paper Customs Forms
  • Complete the rest of the form and Save.

You are now ready for UPS shipping!