Creating a BigCommerce Store

You can create a BigCommerce store by using the New Store wizard:

  1. On the Home Tab, click the New Store link.

  2. Select the Shopping Cart form the drop-down list of support carts

  3. Follow the wizard to define and set up your store for that cart

Note: You can have multiple stores for any given cart or across supported carts.

The screenshots below show the steps required to create your BigCommerce store in the New Store creation wizard.

Step 1

Select BigCommerce as the Shopping Cart and click Launch Bigcommerce Install button.

Step 2

You will now be redirected to the OrderCup App for Bigcommerce page. Click on the "GET IT NOW" button and follow the steps. You will be asked to login to your Bigcommerce account if not already logged in.

Once you are logged in to your Bigcommerce account, click the Install button to begin the installation process.

Provide the required permissions by clicking Confirm button.

Done. OrderCup app is now installed in your Bigcommerce account and your Bigcommerce store is now setup in your OrderCup account.

You need to set the unit of weight in OrderCup to be same as in your Bigcommerce account

  1. Go to Settings --> Store Details.
  2. From the Store dropdown, select your bigcommerce store.
  3. Select unit of weight that you configured in Bigcommerce.
  4. Click Save.