You can Void a Package (Label) from the Packages Tab in OrderCup. Labels can only be voided within some time period after the they are generated, and this time period is dependent on the Shipping Carrier. If a Label is voided successfully, a refund will be issued to your Shipping Account for the cost of the label. 

You can void a Label by following the simple steps below:

1. Click on the Packages Tab.

2. Find the Package in the list of Packages. You can find the Package by either by clicking on the appropriate filter on the left hand panel like TodayYesterday, etc., or you can search for the package by entering the Order ID, Customer Name, or Package ID in the Search box at the top and clicking the Search button. 

3. Click the Void link (scroll to the right in the Packages grid if you do not see the Void link). 

4. Confirm the message and click OK. If the Package is successfully voided, a message that confirms this is displayed. Otherwise, an appropriate error message is displayed.

NOTE: The time period within which Packages can be voided depends on the Shipping Carrier.

  1. In general FedEx and UPS packages can be voided within two to three days after they are generated. 
  2. USPS packages can be only be voided within 10 business days after which they are generated, after which they cannot be voided. Once a USPS package is voided successfully, you USPS Account will generally be credited anywhere from immediately to 10 business days.
  3. Canada Post Commercial/Contract customers can void their packages from OrderCup by following the above steps. Non-contract customers need to void their labels by filing support ticket with CanadaPost.
  4. DHL labels can be voided within 7 days and the label refund will be credited to your DHL Account within 10 days after it is voided.

OrderCup maintains all package labels for a period of 10 days. Voiding a package will adjust the status of the order in OC and the shopping cart (if the cart supports this capability), and allow you to ship the package again.